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Sneak Preview From Part  4, Page 25

“If we all share a collective consciousness, are there practical things we can do to improve the world, by nothing more than the power of our own thoughts?”

In other words, if our minds come together in one method of thinking, will the goal of Nimrod at the Tower of Babel be accomplished? As the Lord God said (paraphrasing), “Once they come together, they will be able to accomplish anything they put their minds to.”  Mind over matter really matters.

C.S. Lewis remarked in numerous original works, such ideas as these are continuously hailed by proponents to be ‘new’ and revelatory; but in reality we should recognize them to be ‘old as the hills’ (or perhaps the ‘mounds’ of ancient paganism, the center of their spiritism). This idea of the divine is categorized as pantheism. Lewis, in a characteristically sassy moment states, “Just because the shoe fits, doesn’t mean it’s a new shoe.” He went on to indicate that pantheism is, pure and simple, the natural bent of the human mind.

Even if there is a ‘mind-matter’ connection that can be worked to advantage, the Bible warns against exploiting it. Apparently, for reasons not fully explained, the God of the Bible desires his followers to avoid seeking such spiritual enticements because they pull the individual away from Him and into their ‘self’ (and sometimes the demonic)—inevitably (and mistakenly) supposing our psychic power supplies evidence we are ‘gods’ or on the verge of becoming god-like. The promise of the snake in the Garden now seems well within our reach. Not to overplay ones hand, but the author’s assessment corroborates Madame Blavatsky’s enthusiasm for our nation and its people with her quotation as cited earlier in the epigraph to Part 4 (from The Secret Doctrine):

“It is in America that the transformation will take place, and has already silently commenced”

Simply put, however unsavory, Americans may be far more likely to believe in folk religions and ancient paganism than any other people on earth, with the possible exception of those ensconced in voodoo cults and Wicca. Americans are spiritual people—but their spiritual aspirations are not always directed to a noble source (namely, the biblical God).

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