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Sneak Preview From  Part 1, Page 28

However, a different matter needs to be underscored and brought to the attention of the American public. While the wealthy indirectly rules the masses through pre-approved candidates, instead, we must aim a spotlight toward their ‘stage location’ to bring to light the ideology of such wealthy elite—whether these elite are made rich by generational inheritance or ‘world-class’ success in corporate business (either ‘old money’ or ‘new money’). We must ask, “What is their motivation?” In other words, we should study carefully what they believe. To portray this issue properly, first we must appreciate that the populace has become increasingly cynical about the American government’s ability to manage the country.

In 2013, we are much more likely to agree that political ideologies of ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ (much less ‘socialist’ or ‘capitalist’) are no longer meaningful ways to label competing political ‘players’ and their plans. Most Americans draw the conclusion it doesn’t seem to matter which Party has control—nothing gets done. We wonder why this is the case.

Perhaps we should question whether this governmental gridlock really results from the lack of either party enjoying a plurality in both houses of Congress. Could the malaise in our government be due to the lack of authority our representatives possess, especially after they learn how little influence they enjoy in setting direction for our nation? Could it be true that politicians realize (after serving in Washington for several years), what they accomplish has little effect on our nation’s destiny; that the final result is fixed, and they do little more than rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic? In the final analysis, politicians can only advance their careers within the Party—they can’t change what happens to our country. The opportunity to ‘make a difference’ rests with non-elected power players.

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